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I am an Ecuadorian interdisciplinary communicator, with a degree in graphic design.
I develop, contribute and/or advice in the realization of various communicationalproducts applying a variety of technical skills, achieved and polished in years of experience: graphics (illustration, branding, signage, infographics, vector graphics, photography, retouching, editorial , advertising campaigns); audiovisual (photography, video editing, script, reels); writing (creative, journalistic, copys) to be applied in a series of formats, especially as social media content.
I am a member of Olón's comuna, in Santa Elena Province, which is Guancavilca indigenous territory, and it is also for this reason that, besides my work experience in private and public institutions, I have been working for years supporting communes and other organizations as a community communicator supporting various social causes such as popular economies, vindication of our cultural identity, defense of human rights and nature.
That is how I learned to work efficiently in a team and I can more effectively apply communication content from public, private, community and non-governmental institutions, and with excellent abilities to learn more and adapt to achieve new objectives.



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