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Sobre Mi

I'm Sara, nice to meet you ☺️. How difficult it is to sum up who we are in a few lines, isn't it? Passionate, organized, with initiative, looking for new challenges every day, motivated and eager to learn, there's always something new, especially in this sector! 👩🏻‍💻

I am graduated in Business Administration. A career that allowed me to learn how companies work globally. However, throughout my life I had a clear inclination for the world of marketing. That is why I later decided to specialize in the digital marketing sector. In these almost 3 years of experience in the sector, I have been able to work for nationally and internationally brands, creating strategies and focusing on improving content and communication with the community on social networks to turn them into 'love-brands'.

I have worked for both end clients and creative agencies and this has allowed me to learn different working methods. If there's one thing I love, it's being an all-rounder: ability to manage communities in social networks, analytics, communication in front of the public, creativity and branding together with skills in graphic design or photography and special interest in developing strategies to achieve set goals.


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