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T- Shaped profile that begins with product management towards deepening into innovation frameworks, customer & market research, and multi- channel marketing strategies.

• Currently working as an Innovation and Entrepreneurship consultant. For the last 2 years I have been involved as a Entrepreneur in the development of an Open Innovation platform for young talents discovering. Before that I performed in Nielsen as Key Account Manager with data consultant 📊 and commercial 🧲 functions.

• I am a Marketer 🚀 with entrepreneurial 👷‍♂️ spirit.
Really passionate about everything related to innovation 💡 and, specifically, the Open Innovation 🌐 and the product innovation from the discovery of actionable consumer Insights 🧩, which makes me a hands on, proactive person when it comes to finding creative solutions.

• I'd highlight self-management and quick learning among my main strengths, that is why I feel comfortable working as a team player but also independently.

• All of the above makes me a transversal profile, which I think is crucial to carry out roles that involve a wide ↔️ vision of the business.

I would like to find a goal-oriented place to work where results and initiatives were valued over “presenteeism”.

Along my professional career and, especially, through my entrepreneurship experience, I have realized that, in the performance of my duties, be able to manage my time by myself brings me a higher motivation and drives me to the best results.
I am convinced that this is not an impediment for good teamwork, meeting the established deadlines and carrying out regular follow-ups. I believe that it even allows an easier adaptation, and in a better spirit, to periods of peak workload or critical situations where extraordinary efforts are required



35.000€ -45.000€
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