Sobre Mi

Since I was little I wanted to create an impact on people; at first I didn't know how; sometimes I expressed it with long talks, others with music and others with photos or videos. It wasn't until high school that I really discovered how I wanted to be different; I discovered that being able to write was a real possibility. I began to write and share my texts with my friends and acquaintances; I decided to study communication and digital media to give greater power to what I wrote, however, when I published my first book I ran into the biggest obstacle of my career.

The market.

Learning how to sell my stories was what motivated me to immerse myself in the world of Digital Marketing, this meant that not only could I have the tools to do it, but it also made me realize that there is a huge universe to sell in digital media, I saw Customer Journeys so broad, from web ads to organic content that generate an action or desire.

This universe is my current world; content creation is something to which I have dedicated the end of my university career and the beginning of my professional career.

After a diploma in Project Management, an intensive content creation course with a Spanish Business Incubator (Despegue), everything I have been able to learn in my career at Tecnológico de Monterrey and several Google and Facebook courses; I have been able to learn to position a brand through its content in digital channels. I have learned that a brand must be like a person; a person must stand out (as I always wanted since I was little). 

It will be a pleasure to help you with your digital strategies and support each other to grow.



$15,000 dlrs per year
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