Sobre Mi

I'm a problem solver currently working as a Product Supervisor at Mercado Libre in Mercado Ads BU. Mercado Ads is the advertising BU in Mercado Libre. As a Product Supervisor, i work closely with UX, Development and Machine Learning teams in order to create and develop the best solutions for users (advertisers) and business needs.
My role is to understand business and users needs and to provide the vision, goals and broad requirements to UX and Development. Also, i lead the discovery & delivery strategies and launch & follow up plans for initiatives, being responsible for the Product Roadmap and stakeholder management.
I've been doing this for almost 4 years, working in different initiatives with different stakeholders developing features and products with success and also developing processes and work dynamics in order to improve working climate, empowerment and collaborator's motivation.
Before my time in Mercado Libre, i worked in Churn Management & Customer Experience in DIRECTV (business strategy & analytics) and before that i spent some time working in Disney as a Planner for programming and in CCR Group as a Market Research Analyst.
Skills i have developed over the years:
- SQL, Analysis and Data Visualization
- Business understanding, Goal Setting and OKR definition
- Product Management (Discovery, Delivery, Stakeholders, Roadmaps, Strategy, Tactics, Growth & Core, User Experience & Backend)
- Marketing and communications strategy
- Quantitative & Qualitative Research
- Customer Experience Management (NPS, CES, Business impact co-relation analysis, Strategy)


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