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Junior in Digital Marketing, E-commerce and digital entrepreneurship and with a great motivation to obtain the experience I need to lead projects focused on data analysis, data-entry, segmentation for the creation of successful campaigns in social networks, creation of impact spots for social networks, product validation, creation of video and photo spots through cell phones, brand recognition, effective communication and customer loyalty.
My first profession was focused on school and educational guidance, practicing in areas such as professional guidance with a focus on systemic coaching, development of projects and workshops with the educational community, personalized attention to parents and students with differential monitoring and referrals to specialists.
2019-2022 digital marketing, market management, entrepreneurship, canvas, google ads campaigns, and social networks, landing page. Sales funnel, advertising spots (face workshop), customer management in digital marketing.
Duit academy, tech academy, sena, alura latam,
Smartfilms, e route.
Without experience.

Sena. Training Center tel. 601 3430111
colombia. Headquarters of testing centers and materials

Rosario Campestre School tel. 601-6798080
Duit. Cel. +57 3016339855

Bogotá route and cel. +57 3154715924

National pedagogical university. Faculty of psychopedagogy tel. 601 5941894

Autonomous University of Barcelona
Tel. +34 93581 1111



$15 X hour
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