Sobre Mi

I am a psychologist, specializing in pedagogy for the development of learning
self-employed (in the process of graduating August 22), certified in English (B2), with 10 years work experience
leading and achieving projects in the area of ​​Human Resources,
particularly in the design and creation of digital content for different
job announcements, in addition to the recruitment and attraction of ICT talent in networks
social and software management specialized in personnel selection, also,
I have made improvement and creation of profile manuals, likewise, the application is applied and
interpretation of psychometric and projective tests, preparation of management reports,
designed and applied performance evaluations, likewise, led and coordinated processes of
personnel hiring, payroll management, design and implementation of programs
pedagogical for human development in the workplace, training and induction of personnel,
also elaboration and execution of welfare plans
organization, management of disciplinary processes and dismissal processes

Areas of knowledge in bidding processes, indicators and reports of
management, with skills in orientation to results, adaptability, improvement
continuous and analysis capacity.


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