Sobre Mi

I am a happy and positive Pedagogue from Universidad Panamericana, willing From
to live new experiences; to know the unknown and to be risky.
I like challenges and I am always willing to fulfill them at any cost, I know sometimes it won't be easy but it is what makes life more interesting and fun.
I enjoy learning new things all the time and also sharing with others what I already know or what I’ve recently learnt. I like to relate to people; I enjoy my time alone but people makes me happy, specially when they contribute in my happiness in any way; creating memories, laughs and moments that I'll never forget.

I am an English teacher in Mexico City but seeking to expand my resume and skills. I also have 3 year experience in Sales and Costumer Service.

I am a fanatic of art and going to the movie theater or watch movies on any platform. I also enjoy traveling, eating and trying new places; usually with my friends or family. I like to read and I love children’s books, I find it very fulfilling; I am starting my own book collection (including stories for kids).


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