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With 18+ years of expertise in Demand Generation, Digital Marketing, Branding, and Global Marketing, I've
consistently delivered remarkable results through strategic sales initiatives, cross-channel execution, and
innovative approaches. Achievements include a 30% boost in lead conversion rates within 6 months, doubling
enrollments, and a 50% growth in franchises over 5 years. My impact is evident in a 25% rise in engagement and
a 15% improvement in brand consistency in just 2 years. As a seasoned professional and mentor, I bring
world-class experience, thriving in multicultural settings and contributing as a valuable team player.
Goal-oriented, proactive, and a growth hacker, I approach tasks with passion, ensuring exceptional business
transformation results. Proficient in leveraging automation tools, I've successfully managed teams, optimizing
engagement rates and key performance metrics while enhancing customer success through strategic,
data-driven approaches.



$80,000 MXN mensuales
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