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Hello! my name it is Fernanda I am a Graphic designer,
I just read an email via Get onboard portal job:

You can see my online portfolio and CV :

and in:

I just finish a web & interactive design postgraduate in Barcelona (IDEP).
and a web design master degree in Aula AIP (Barcelona, Spain) and on the other hand I do all creative area issues, brochure, layouts, logos, posters, flyers, business cards, artwork, illustrations, photomontages, basic models of web designs (HTML ) with divs, css styles, etc.

My strengths are:

Super creative, easy going, methodic, ego free =) and
Design content for websites.
Design pieces for social networks.
Design email marketing pieces.
Design pieces for posters or flyers.
Photo edits and
I love and enjoy doing Illustrations.
I can do gif animations with Photoshop.

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