Sobre Mi

I'm Eduardo from Argentina, i have always been a technology enthusiast who redefined my destiny by getting fully involved in the world of web development. Many factors made me change my life to enter the IT sector, but the main one was my curiosity and enthusiasm to learn how software works, so i took my discipline, my commitment, my enthusiasm and my desire to excel and aimed directly to be a web developer. Currently I master HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React JS, SASS, Bootstrap, Tailwind and everything adapted to responsive design, but i'm always learning more. Since January, 2.022 i have done some freelance web development projects for clients who have put their trust in me, obtaining as a result the satisfaction of getting the product they wanted. Currently I'm looking for my first work experience as a frontend developer, learning more every day, understanding that the constant updating of knowledge is the highest value that a developer can have.


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